Young Volunteers Made Ms. Suhaeni’s Home So Beautiful Through Painting on 28uild 2022

Young Volunteers Made Ms. Suhaeni’s Home So Beautiful Through Painting on 28uild 2022

After 2 years since the pandemic started, Habitat Indonesia is finally back to hold 28uild on Saturday, October 29, 2022 simultaneously in two cities in Indonesia; Gresik and Tangerang. Activities at 28uild this time included painting and building foundation for new house; painting 9 houses and building foundation of 1 new house in Gresik, painting 23 houses and 3 schools, and building foundation for 14 new houses in Mauk.

One of the 23 houses that was painted in Mauk in 28uild was the house of Ms. Suhaeni, the mother of 1 child was very happy when Habitat Indonesia wanted to beautify her house by painting it. The economic factors faced by Ms. Suhaeni are also an obstacle for her to realize her dream of owning a decent house. She used to work odd jobs as a grain laborer and a mobile vegetable seller. Now Ms. Suhaeni only relies on her child because she is not physically strong enough to return to work.

Three years ago, Ms. Suhaeni received assistance from Habitat Indonesia, Ms. Suhaeni said that before her house was built, her house had walls and roof made of bamboo was very unsafe to live in, leaked when it rained, even flooded her house, while snakes often entered her room when she was fast asleep because her house is not far from the rice fields. Ms. Suhaeni’s husband has passed away several years ago, now she lives alone because her son is now married and lives not far from her house. Ms. Suhaeni continues to be grateful, a 52-year-old woman can smile as the dream of having a safe and comfortable decent house has come true.

Last Saturday afternoon, the Habitat volunteers who joined were very excited to paint Ms. Suhaeni’s house, the volunteers were also greeted with friendly smiles. This 52-year-old woman also often shares stories with volunteers who were painting her house. Habitat Indonesia has hope, 28uild can raise the spirit of nationalism to help low-income families, Habitat Indonesia believes that by building houses, we build life and hope.

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