The Inauguration of Amazon Web Services CSR Projects

The Inauguration of Amazon Web Services CSR Projects

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Habitat for Humanity Indonesia recently collaborated to hold an “InCommunities” program, demonstrating their commitment to enhancing society. The program specifically targeted the Karawang Community in West Java, Indonesia.

AWS remains dedicated to its special commitments, particularly in areas such as health, education, meeting community needs, enhancing welfare, and environmental management.

Susanto, the National Director of Habitat for Humanity Indonesia, expressed his appreciation for AWS’s significant commitment to improving the welfare of the Karawang community.

During the inauguration of Habitat for Humanity Indonesia’s AWS CSR Project in Karawang on June 16, 2023, Susanto remarked, “The positive impact of AWS’s CSR projects is evident. Previously, obtaining clean water was a challenge for the community. Now, they can easily access clean water, and the environment has become cleaner and healthier.”

Furthermore, AWS training has also improved the community’s capacity in various sectors, health, education, and economics.

“One of those being SME training, which has equipped our community with the knowledge to effectively manage businesses and finances. Our aspiration is to enhance their earnings in the future.”

Since 2022, Habitat for Humanity Indonesia and AWS have successfully implemented several society improvements programs in Karawang. These initiatives include the construction of four Integrated Healthcare Centers, one sub-health center, one community welfare center, one public health center, one child-friendly space, two clean water facilities, five SME improvement projects (Warung), and one waste sorting facility.

Community capacity improvement has been achieved through various programs. The SME management training program, for instance, involved 30 beneficiaries from the Warung improvement program. Additionally, 30 management committee members received training in clean water facility management. Furthermore, disaster mitigation training was conducted in 10 villages, enhancing their preparedness and resilience.

Furthermore, three SMEs were supported through the distribution of business tools, and a garbage collection vehicle was provided as well.

These programs were implemented in seven villages, namely Kutamekar, Kutapohaci, Mulyasari, Margakaya, Margamulya, Wanakerta, and Tegalega. The collective efforts successfully reached and benefitted over 5,000 individuals.

AWS aims to facilitate the people of Karawang in accessing essential public services, thereby helping them attain their basic rights to improve their welfare and well-being.

The Vice Governor of Karawang Region, Aep Syaepuloh, expressed his appreciation for the care and support provided by AWS and Habitat for Humanity to the community of Karawang.

“AWS’s commitment is truly impressive and has provided concrete evidence of its impact. Even within a short period of time, the people of Karawang have already experienced the positive effects brought by AWS,” stated Aep.

Aep mentioned that the Sub-Health Center has significantly improved access to healthcare services for the people of Karawang, “My hope is that the local community no longer needs to travel long distances to access healthcare.”

He also expressed appreciation for the disaster mitigation and SME training provided by AWS. “They are crucial. Ciampel is prone to disasters and is also an industrial area. Thanks to AWS and Habitat, I hope these programs continue in the future, so we can provide concrete impacts of the projects to the people of Karawang,” Aep concluded. The SME Bazaar was also present at the inauguration of AWS’s 2023 CSR Project, adding liveliness to the ceremony by showcasing and selling their products.

“I never expected to receive assistance from AWS and Habitat. It has given me the motivation to continue my small business. Hopefully, in the future, our revenue will improve,” shared Hani Siti, a beneficiary of the Warung improvement program.