Schroders Together with Habitat Indonesia Bring Hope to Surabaya Health Workers and the Jogoyudan Community during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Schroders Together with Habitat Indonesia Bring Hope to Surabaya Health Workers and the Jogoyudan Community during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Jakarta, August 27 2021, The impact of this pandemic has hit Indonesia since April 2020, which not only for the health workers but also the economy. Since 2020, Habitat Indonesia continues to provide support in overcoming the Covid pandemic in Indonesia. By holding a Temporary Shelter program to help health workers rest safely and comfortably after completing their duties.

Support from various parties is the basis for Habitat Indonesia to carry out all forms of support programs. PT Schroders Investment Management Indonesia (Schroders Indonesia) supports Habitat Indonesia to help health workers and the community by distributing 141 million rupiahs donations. In September 2020, Schroders supported the health workers of the Soewhandie Hospital in Surabaya who served in the Covid to get a proper place to rest for two weeks. A safe and comfortable resting place supports health workers to undergo isolation and prevent the potential transmission of the virus to families.

Besides supporting health workers during the pandemic, Schroders also helps Indonesians who are economically affected by Covid. Jogoyudan in Yogyakarta is one of the areas where the residents are greatly affected because some of the breadwinners lost their job. At the same time, they still need to pay their house rent, living costs, and the internet for their children’s online school. Schroders with Habitat Indonesia provided financial support in cash vouchers for 178 families to pay the house rent and provided internet access for 110 students. This program includes six units of hand washing facilities and access to clean water in 6 neighborhoods and four blocks to motivate Jogoyudan villagers to continue to follow health protocols. Schroders also renovated public toilets so that they could properly use them.

Hermawan, a resident of Jogoyudan Village, said, “When the pandemic hit, everything changed. My job as a laborer is getting quieter while, on the other hand, the need is increasing because I have to meet the needs of health protocols such as masks, hand sanitizers, hand washing soap, and internet quota used for children to learn online. Schroders and Habitat Indonesia helped me pay the rent for the flats, provided hand washing equipment and internet access for the children helped me deal with the current difficult situation. My burden is getting lighter. I am grateful for the help, and may this difficult situation pass soon.

Fansa, a 6th-grade elementary school student who gets free internet access from Schroders and Habitat, said, “Normally, I have to spend Rp 75,000 per month to buy internet quota. I am very grateful for the free internet from Habitat, which helps me study online every day. Now I only buy internet packages if I’m outside the house. Now, I can use the rest of the money for other purposes. Thank you, Schroders and Habitat”.

This support is a form of concern of Schroder to give hope for vulnerable families affected by Covid-19 to survive and through difficult times.

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