Remarks by National Director

<strong>Remarks by National Director</strong>

Habitat for Humanity Indonesia

Dear Habitat family,

First of all, I would like to congratulate the 77th Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia. May the spirit of independence continue to ignite in our hearts, for we can recover faster and rise stronger.

Filling the spirit of Independence Day this month, I had an opportunity to attend the closing ceremony of the second Samsung #Village 9 program in Cilamaya on August 4th. The program that succeeded in providing more than ten decent homes, communal water stations with pipes and restrooms, and education facilities renovation has fulfilled the lives of more than one thousand families there. I am delighted to continue collaborating with Samsung as a form of support to realize inclusive, sustainable development to ensure that no one region is left behind, including Cilamaya.

Besides attending the Samsung Village #9 closing ceremony, I was also very enthusiastic about being able to participate in the CEO Build event in Banyuwangi on August 12-13. CEO Build is an activity to build the home that Habitat previously held regularly. This current CEO Build became the first event since being stopped for two years due to the Covid-19 pandemic. CEOs from various companies attended the event. One of them was Edwin Soeryadjaya, the pioneer or inspirator. Edwin Soeryadjaya became a role model to the other CEOs. He said that the CEOs are not only leaders in the middle of companies or offices but also must be leaders in community development. CEOs have a significant role in supporting the acceleration of equitable development for the community in need of justice and prosperity.

May the collaboration and the spirit of hand in hand like this be implemented regularly. We invite all parties to be able to #TogetherBuildIndonesia through Habitat’s mission to make Indonesia a decent place for everyone to live.



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