Rebuilding Hope: The Story of the 200,000th Family

Rebuilding Hope: The Story of the 200,000th Family

For almost 27 years, Habitat for Humanity Indonesia has been a beacon of hope for low-income families. During this time, we have served 200,000 families in Indonesia to achieve strength, stability, and self-reliance.

On February 2, 2024, Habitat Indonesia provided support to its 200,000th partner family, Mr. Wastur, who had suffered from a fire accident. Mr. Wastur sustained burns covering 70% of his body, requiring serious treatment for 17 days in the ICU.

The tragedy experienced by Mr. Wastur was also caused by the deplorable condition of his house. The wooden roof frame had become extremely fragile, and the roof tiles, serving as shelter, were riddled with holes, leading to leaks and electrical short circuits.

This event prompted Habitat for Humanity Indonesia, alongside donors and volunteers, to rebuild Mr. Wastur’s house, which now stands tall with sturdy red walls. With great joy, Mr. Susanto, the National Director of Habitat Indonesia, personally presented the symbolic key to Mr. Wastur’s family, represented by his children, Witri and Dewi.

The sorrow of Mr. Wastur’s family slowly faded, replaced by renewed hope. Now, they can rebuild a safer, more comfortable, and prosperous life.

We, Habitat for Humanity Indonesia, continue to stride forward with the same vision to ensure that low-income families have decent homes. We believe that with the support of donors and volunteers, we can make meaningful changes in their lives.

Without hard work and collective commitment, significant achievements like serving 200,000 families would not be possible. Therefore, we invite you to join us in this humanitarian mission. Together, let us continue this journey towards a better future for families in need.