OHM Provides Basic Food Assistance for Tangerang Residents

OHM Provides Basic Food Assistance for Tangerang Residents

Omega Hotel Management (OHM) is the flagship operator of Alfaland Group spreads kindness in the holy month of Ramadan 1443 H by organizing a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program in collaboration with Habitat for Humanity Indonesia.

The CSR program is a series of OHM Road to 9th Anniversary events by providing 100 food packages held in Kedung Dalem Village, Mauk, Tangerang.

Director of Operations OHM Aswin Drajat said, “OHM as a hotel operator is entering its 9th year, which is a special number that we hope will also present various special activities for all hotel guests, business partners, and the community around us.

“Praise the Lord, in this holy month of Ramadan, OHM has provided 100 food packages for the residents of this village, as a form of friendship which is expected not to stop here,” said OHM Director of Operations Aswin Drajat, in a written statement, Thursday. (28/4/2022)

Aswin said OHM’s collaboration with Habitat for Humanity Indonesia this year is more special through company CSR activities which differ from many years before. Data from Habitat for Humanity Indonesia shows that there are still many residents in Kedung Dalem Village who need community assistance, including sanitation needs with clean and proper toilets.

“OHM is engaged in the hospitality industry and always makes cleanliness the most important part of its services. Therefore, we feel called to collaborate with Habitat for Humanity to assist in constructing proper and clean toilet facilities in the homes of residents who currently still use latrines a lot for defecation and unsanitary daily sanitation activities,” said Aswin.

Alfaland Group President Director Hanto Djoko Susanto added, “As a company serving for Indonesia for 23 years, Alfaland Group is committed to achieving the company’s vision and mission in providing a better life and creating environmentally-friendly programs, and providing unforgettable customer experiences.

The toilet development program targeted by Alfaland Group Hospitality, namely OHM, is one of the steps to pursue the existing vision and mission and our contribution to the community.

To achieve the CSR target of building a toilet in Kedung Dalem Village, Mauk, Tangerang, OHM invites all employees, customers, business units, and business partners to raise donations actively from May to the end of September 2022.

Jeany Febriani, Corporate PR & Marcomm Manager of OHM, expressed his gratitude to all committees and partners who supported OHM’s CSR program, “On behalf of the management of Alfaland Group, including OHM, we thank you for all kinds of assistance and support from various parties who support the CSR program. This OHM,” he said.

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