Nurhasanah’s Story

Nurhasanah’s Story

Nurhasanah, also known as Sanah, resides in Tanah Timbul, Muara Village, Cilamaya Wetan Subdistrict, Karawang regency, West Java Province. With five children (four sons and one daughter), Nurhasanah does not have a job and relies on financial support from her working child. Currently, she lives with her youngest child. Nurhasanah has been a resident of Tanah Timbul village for the past 28 years. She described her previous house as consisting of cubicles, which she had covered with papers to prevent mosquitoes from entering through the holes. However, that makeshift solution poses a fire hazard, as the use of mosquito coils once caused a fire that burned Nurhasanah’s pillow. Fortunately, she was able to extinguish the fire in time.

Prior to Habitat’s intervention, Nurhasanah’s house was fragile due to the poor structure and holes in Nurhasanah’s room. The room also had a window that couldn’t be closed, which made her feel unsafe as she worried about the security of her motorcycle parked inside the house. With the new house provided by Habitat, Nurhasanah expressed her gratitude. However, she still faced some discomfort as the house would become extremely hot during the day, which affected her plants. Nurhasanah planned to add a canopy in front of her house in the future to make it safer and more comfortable.

After receiving assistance from Habitat for Humanity and Samsung, Nurhasanah expressed her happiness and gratitude. She also gained a better understanding of the importance of maintaining cleanliness in her house and having access to clean water for the sake of her health.

“I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Habitat for Humanity and PT. Samsung. Without their support, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to live in a comfortable house. I hope that Habitat for Humanity will continue to be blessed with more projects, so that more people like me can receive assistance. Habitat has not only made my home more comfortable, but has also provided me with new insights into living a healthy life,” expressed Nurhasanah with appreciation.

Written By: Deasa Aghnia Qonita