MedcoEnergi Build 2023 in Mauk, Tangerang!

MedcoEnergi Build 2023 in Mauk, Tangerang!

The first time Medco Energi staff attended Habitat for Humanity Indonesia’s volunteering activity was during the birthday celebration of MedcoEnergi on June 9, 2023. The event left a deep impression on the volunteers. Thus, MecoEnergi held another volunteering event with Habitat Indonesia on August 12, 2023.

In addition to the staff, the main commissioner of MedcoEnergi, Ms. Yani Panigoro, attended the event along with her son, Mr. Yaser Raimi Panigoro, and the Chief Administrative Officer, Mr. Amri Siahaan.

With the theme of “We Repair Houses for Better Living”, the Medco Energy Volunteer Day event took place in Babulak Sub-Village, Marga Mulya Village, Mauk, Tangerang. The volunteers were assigned to paint ten houses belonging to the families who received housing assistance from the first MedcoEnergi Volunteer Day last June.

The volunteers enthusiastically participated in the event, closely supervised by Habitat Indonesia’s Mauk team. This event marked the completion of the previous building activity, during which the volunteers had worked on the house’s foundation and walls. By the end of the day, the volunteers successfully finished the painting.

Mr. Saudin, one of the home partners who received assistance, expressed his gratitude to the volunteers, saying, “I couldn’t have dreamed of owning a house like this on my own due to financial challenges. Through this program, I now live in peace and comfort. My home used to leak in the past.’’

The event not only provided a new experience but also allowed MedcoEnergi Volunteers to share precious moments, especially since they were assisting numerous families. The hope is that this event strengthens the bond among MedcoEnergi staff and instills a sense of new hope in the families they have assisted.