Kampung Lautan Luas Build

Kampung Lautan Luas Build

On Saturday, July 8th, 2023, Pt. Lautan Luas Tbk organized a Kampung Lautan Luas Build event in Margamulya Village, Mauk, Tangerang. The event brought together various staff members of Pt. Lautan Luas Tbk. to directly and positively impact the lives of the Kampung Lautan Luas Program’s Home-partners.

The event commenced with an opening speech delivered by Mr. Safei, the welfare section chief of Margamulya Village. He expressed his gratitude and shared great enthusiasm for the volunteers who participated in the well-being improvement of the village’s residents.

Approximately 37 volunteers joined hands during the painting activities of 13 houses and 2 waterpoints, which were built under the Kampung Lautan Luas Program in the past. The event aimed to enhance the appearance of the houses and public facilities belonging to the residents while also tightening the bond among Pt. Lautan Luas Tbk.’s employees.

Mr. Erlangga, one of the volunteers, shared his first-time experience with the Habitat Indonesia team, saying, “The event allowed me to interact with the residents here and have fun with my colleagues.”

As the event neared its end, Habitat for Humanity Indonesia’s team awarded 9 of the most memorable participants in the event with the title of ‘Volunteer of The Day’. Among them was Ms. Eurike Hadijaya, the Investor Relations & Corporate Communication Manager of Pt. Lautan Luas Tbk., who had also attended the previous Kampung Lautan Luas Build in April.

“It was exciting, and there is so much goodness that comes with the event,” expressed Ms. Erni Astuti, one of the volunteers who also won the ‘Volunteer of The Day’ title.

Hopefully, the spirit of cooperation shared by the volunteers will inspire many others to ignite collaborative efforts in building a better community and environment, thus, creating a broader impact on society.