Jayakarta Golf Charity Activities

Jayakarta Golf Charity Activities

On May 15th, 2023, Jayakarta Junior Chamber International organized a Golf tournament at Damai Indah Golf and Country Club BSD. The event commenced with a lunch gathering, followed by all the golfers entering the tournament area to begin the shotgun start at 12:30 P.M.

During the event, Habitat for Humanity Indonesia was selected as the donation partner by JCI Jayakarta. Habitat Indonesia set up a booth at the location, where they sold merchandise including hats, polo shirts, hoodies, and other items to the participants of the JCI Jayakarta golf tournament. The booth served as an opportunity to raise awareness and garner support for Habitat for Humanity Indonesia’s humanitarian programs in Mauk-Tangerang, Babakan Madang-Bogor, Sentolo and Tuksono-Yogyakarta, as well as Wringinanom-East Java..

In addition to the proceeds from the booth, JCI Jayakarta made a generous donation of one house and one unit of a clean toilet. During the dinner ceremony, the winners of the golf tournament were announced. Habitat for Humanity Indonesia was granted the opportunity to present its ongoing humanitarian programs, with the presentation delivered by Mr. Susanto Samsudin, the National Director of Habitat Indonesia. The presentation resonated with many golfers, leading them to make spontaneous donations through bank transfers. By the end of the night, Habitat Indonesia had successfully gathered approximately Rp 87,300,000 in donations.

Junior Chamber International is an international youth organization who’s affiliated with the United Nations. JCI was built in St. Louis, Missouri, United States of America on October 13th, 1915. JCI Members are mostly youth around 18-40 years old, alumni members for more than 2 million people and spread across more than 115 countries. KJCI now is already 108 years of age and has been in Indonesia for 52 years from 1971.

Habitat for Humanity Indonesia presents our greatest appreciation and gratitude to JCI Jayakarta and all the golfers who supported our mission to establish decent housing for the needs in  Indonesia.