Inauguration of AWS Clean Water Project & Kick-off Stunting Prevention Program

Inauguration of AWS Clean Water Project & Kick-off Stunting Prevention Program

Habitat for Humanity Indonesia, in collaboration with AWS inCommunities, held the Inauguration of AWS Clean Water Project & Kick-off Stunting Prevention Program as part of their commitment to sustainable community development in Karawang on February 26, 2024. The event was attended by the head of BAPPEDA Karawang, Dindin Rachmadhy, local government representatives including Kevin Miller, Vice President Global Data Centers AWS, as well as other AWS executives, Habitat Indonesia, Human Initiative, Alkademi, and beneficiaries from the community.

Since 2022, the community development program initiated by AWS and Habitat has encompassed over 14 villages in Karawang Regency, serving more than 15,000 residents to date. Additionally, AWS and Habitat have collaborated with Alkademi in providing the Clean Water ATM system for residents in Karawang Regency.

The innovative Clean Water ATM named ARSAKA (Clean Water for Karawang Society) is one of Alkademi’s digital projects being developed in partnership with AWS. Through this modern and easily applicable system, it is hoped that residents can access clean water more quickly and conveniently. Kevin Miller stated, “For the first time, this facility has installed water kiosks to help people get water easily, just with a pin code. Clean water is crucial for health and development, so this initiative is very important.” He added.

The symbolic handover of the clean water facility was marked by ribbon cutting and the presentation of a mock-up by Kevin Miller to Dindin Rachmadhy, the head of BAPPEDA Karawang, at the inauguration event held in Margamulya Village on February 26, 2024.

Recognizing water as a fundamental human need, AWS is committed to continually improving the lives of communities at each of its operational locations by providing clean water facilities. As of 2022, Karawang is still noted as an area with a high stunting rate. This is due to the lack of clean water sources and contaminated water from rivers. In this Stunting prevention program, AWS partnered with Human Initiative to raise collective awareness of efforts to improve child health programs in Karawang through the Stunting Management Program, given that Stunting remains a challenge in the country. Romi Ardiansyah, Vice President Operations of Human Initiative, explained, “One of our targets is to provide Supplementary Feeding Program (SFP) to 140 children supported by education for mothers and children on good and balanced nutrition.” He stated.

Rene Indiarto Widjaja, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Habitat for Humanity Indonesia, stated, “To date, AWS has helped build 6 clean water point facilities, 3 public toilet units, 9 school facilities, 4 integrated health posts, and 1 community health center in Karawang. They have also provided 5 types of training related to youth leadership, vocational training, hygiene promotion and healthy lifestyles, micro-enterprise digitalization, and disaster risk management to more than 550 participants.” He added.

The inauguration of the AWS clean water facility and the kick-off of the Stunting prevention program were enlivened by a welcome dance performance by students from SDN 01 Margakaya. In addition to the handover ceremony at the inauguration, AWS leadership and staff also engaged in the construction of a four-door school toilet and the repainting of classrooms at SDN 01 Margakaya.

“The presence of Habitat Indonesia, Alkademi, and also Human Initiative, Alhamdulillah, the benefits are truly felt by us. We, as government representatives, thank them for helping us facilitate access to clean water and contribute to addressing stunting in our village. We, as recipients, must be able to maintain what Habitat and AWS have provided.” Said Dindin Rachmadhy, Head of BAPPEDA Karawang.