Have a Decent House with a Toilet is Mr Suraji’s Dream

<strong>Have a Decent House with a Toilet is Mr Suraji’s Dream</strong>

“You don’t have to know them or be their neighbor just with an open Heart.”

Mr Suraji’s daily job is to feed cows and a farm labour. All his income is only enough to eat everyday. Suraji’s wife is currently limping and has to drag her foot because she once slipped and fell while walking to the river bank to defecate.

The rain made the road slippery. There was no lighting at night, it’s very dark. Pak Suraji hoped to have his own toilet. “A big thank you to the ladies and gentlemen who were involved in the construction of my house. Finally, my family and I have a decent house and a bathroom that is close to the house. I don’t even know them, but they open their heart and becomes my miracle and encouragement. This is a lesson for us, local people. No need to know or be neighbors but enough with sincerity to help.”