Hands of Hope: Prudential’s Volunteer Impact

Hands of Hope: Prudential’s Volunteer Impact

In Indonesia, we realize that post-Covid-19 pandemic, many citizens are experiencing significant impacts, especially economically. The lack of understanding about entrepreneurship and financing, as well as the need for safety nets such as insurance, further complicates this situation. Coupled with inadequate housing conditions, insufficient sanitation facilities, and limited understanding of clean and healthy living behaviors, there is growing concern about insufficient access to healthcare.

PT Prudential Life Assurance, as a company operating in life, health insurance, and asset management, acknowledges these issues. By partnering with Habitat for Humanity Indonesia, it seeks to establish the “Desa Maju Prudential” (DMP) as a step towards post-Covid-19 recovery for suburban residents in the Gunung Putri District, Bogor Regency.

Since August 2023, Prudential has gradually built 15 new decent houses, renovated 10 houses, improved 10 MSMEs, built 38 new toilets, and provided equipment for Posyandu, in an effort to realize the tangible impact of the DMP program. Various training sessions such as Clean and Healthy Living Behavior (CHLB), entrepreneurship training, and vocational training are facilitated by Prudential for 400 local residents.

Prudential, represented by its directors and employees in Indonesia, not only provides financial support but also actively participates in volunteer activities by helping to build houses and toilets, starting from laying foundations, constructing walls, to painting.

Habitat Indonesia expresses its utmost gratitude for Prudential’s extraordinary contribution. With this cooperation, we together realize the dream of low-income families to have decent housing, clean toilets, and knowledge from various training sessions that can bring about better economic changes for families.

Let’s continue to build not only houses but also hope and a brighter future!