Habitat Indonesia Made Ms. Tisha’s Dream to Have a Decent House Come True

<strong>Habitat Indonesia Made Ms. Tisha’s Dream to Have a Decent House Come True</strong>

Ms. Tisha is a single parent of four children who works as a member of the village’s Family Welfare movement in Mauk, Tangerang. One of her duties is to record the number of families who need decent houses. However, Ms. Tisha also lived in a non-decent house, yet she had to put other families first to help those in a far more concerning condition.

The condition of Ms. Tisha’s house was far from safe and comfortable. The roof had many holes. Its foundation was also fragile. Her house was constantly flooded. She and her children could not sleep. When it rained, they could only sit patiently in a place where they could avoid the piercing raindrops inside their house until it stopped. 

Rain was not the only problem. Ms. Tisha also faced several difficulties in her economic condition. Three of her four children still need financial support for their education. The situation made Ms. Tisha continuously work hard for the sake of her children. She had to give each of her children IDR 10.000 to cover the cost of their travel to school and meals. However, it only happened when Ms. Tisha had enough money. If she did not have enough money, she could only give IDR 5.000 to each child.

Everything is beautiful in its time. Finally, Ms. Tisha was registered to receive housing assistance from Habitat. Her children were joyful after receiving the news that they always asked, “Mom, when will it be built?”. Ms. Tisha couldn’t describe her happiness after receiving a decent house. “I feel like I can fly; I am pleased,” she said. Now, Ms. Tisha and her children can peacefully live a safe life. “The main thing is I don’t have to worry about leaving my children at night in our house,” she said.

Ms. Tisha had saved her money for a long time to build her dream house. When Habitat built her home, she used her money to decorate dan renovate her kitchen to be more beautiful. Now, Ms. Tisha can prepare meals for her family in a clean kitchen. She hopes her children can grow well in their new home.