Habitat Indonesia Award

<strong>Habitat Indonesia Award</strong>

Donor Appreciation Night 2022

On 20 September 2022, Habitat Indonesia held Donor Appreciation Night 2022 at the ballroom of JS Luwansa Hotel & Convention Center. This is a special moment for Habitat Indonesia which has been established for 25 years, to express appreciation to corporate donors, individual donors and partners who for the past three years have supported Habitat in serving the community. The same event was held in 2019, before the Covid-19 pandemic.

In addition to the award recipients, invited guests who were also present that night, including the Board of Trustee, Board of Supervisors and Board of Advisory Habitat Indonesia. Mr. Shoban Rainford, Director of Resource Development Habitat for Humanity International also came and delivered his keynote speech. Several members of the Indonesia Development Council (IDC), namely Edwin Soeryadjaya, Jimmy Masrin, Kwik Wan Tien and Hilmi Panigoro were also present that night.

The event began with remarks by Susanto, National Director of Habitat Indonesia and Rene Indiarto Widjaja, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Habitat Indonesia. The Jaipong dance presented by the children of the residents of Margamulya Village, one of the villages in Karawang Regency which is a cluster project of Habitat Indonesia, as well as the Choir of Habitat Indonesia staff, also enlivened the event that night.

There were 47 awards presented to Habitat Indonesia’s donors and partners, which were divided into 10 categories, they are:

1. Media Award

2. Volunteer & Youth Award

3. Celebrity Award

4. Habitat Partner Award

5. Habitat Champion Award

6. Pandemic Response Award

7. Natural Disaster Response Award

8. Home Builder Award

9. Community Builder Award

10. Nation Builder Award

The presentation that raised the topic of Climate Smart Housing Concept delivered by Mr. Susanto, in addition to conveying Habitat’s steps in responding to the world’s conditions facing climate change, as well as inviting the audience to support the provision of houses for underprivileged residents that are built in smart ways to maintain sustainability on earth.

At the end of the event Susanto expressed his gratitude to the award recipients, invited guests and sponsors who have supported the implementation of the 2022 Donor Appreciation Night. He also invited the audience to continue their support for Habitat Indonesia to build Indonesia together.