Habitat for Humanity Indonesia and Samsung C&T Accomplish the Second Phase of the Community Development Program in Cilamaya through Samsung Village #9 Project

Habitat for Humanity Indonesia and Samsung C&T Accomplish the Second Phase of the Community Development Program in Cilamaya through Samsung Village #9 Project

Habitat and Samsung Village #9 project provide decent homes, clean water access, sanitation, and education facilities

Jakarta, August 4, 2022 – Samsung C&T and Habitat for Humanity Indonesia accomplish the second phase of the community development program for the less privileged families in Cilamaya through the Samsung Village #9 project. This Samsung Village #9 project is committed to supporting the community’s fundamental needs in Cilamaya by providing decent homes, clean water access, sanitation, and education facilities. 

This Samsung Village #9 project is the third collaboration between Habitat Indonesia, Samsung C&T, and Habitat Korea after its previous collaboration on Samsung Village #1 and Samsung Village #6 projects. This collaboration is part of the Samsung C&T CSR regular project, held in different countries yearly.

The Samsung Village #6 project in 2018 was successful in providing 20 new housings, communal water stations with a water pipe and a latrine, and education facilities renovation. Construction training also was given to thirty-four people, hygiene training to 254 people, and financial education to twenty-eight people.

In this second phase, through the Samsung Village #9 project, which started in February 2021 to July 2022, Habitat and Samsung C&T built 25 new housings, 4 communal water stations with latrines, and renovated 3 public schools.

As the project before, not only facilitating Cilamaya with physical constructions, the Samsung Village #9 provides non-physical programs in the form of fundamental and safety construction training and hygiene training. The program can help approximately 1.178 people spread over three villages in Cilamaya: Muara Village, Cilamaya Village, and Mekarmaya Village.

In the project closing event on August 4, 2022, in Cilamaya, Susanto, National Director of Habitat for Humanity Indonesia, said that Habitat Indonesia always strives to support the government in realizing inclusive, sustainable development to ensure no one region is left behind. “Cilamaya is an area that needs attention. We are very grateful to be able to collaborate with Samsung C&T to hold various programs to improve the less privileged families’ life quality in Cilamaya”, explained Susanto.

Habitat believes that a decent home is a basic need where everyone can start life. The support of Samsung C&T through the Samsung Village #9 project will enable vulnerable groups, especially the elderly, families with disabilities, women, and children in Cilamaya, to live safely, comfortably, healthy, and productively.

“A decent home can give hope of a more prosperous life and an increasing economy for the families there. A comfortable house and school for the children to learn will support them to create more intelligent generations and have a better future. Especially in the pandemic, the clean water availability at several points can help the community in Cilamaya easier to keep the health protocol and keep the environment clean”, add Susanto.

Mr. Changsuk Kim (Deputy Project Manager), Samsung C&T said “We are delighted to partner with Habitat for Humanity in Indonesia to improve the living conditions of the villagers in Cilamaya. As with the successful nine Samsung C&T villages we had built across Asia, we hope that this project would also build the foundation for less privileged people to tackle poverty and improve their lives.”

Habitat encourages various parties to collaborate in conducting multiple programs in vulnerable areas to overcome the lack of life to a better life so that all communities in Indonesia can feel equitable development and prosperity wherever they are. 

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