Habitat Charity Golf Tournament 2023 “Hit and Build”

Habitat Charity Golf Tournament 2023 “Hit and Build”

The charity golf tournament, previously held in 2021, took place on May 16th, 2023, at Gunung Geulis Country Club.

More than 80 golfers participated in the event, including four members of the Indonesia Development Council, a group of entrepreneurs united in their mission to support the establishment of decent housing for the need with Habitat Indonesia. Mr. Hilmi Panigoto, Mr. Edwin Soeradjaya, Mr. Fofo Sariaatmadja, and Mr. Jimmy Masrin, along with other golfers, enjoyed the tournament while encouraging others to donate directly or through the auction event as a form of support for Habitat’s mission.

Since 2010, the Habitat Charity Golf Tournament has invited 840 golfers and successfully built 243 decent houses for over 1,000 low-income families in various areas of Indonesia.

Susanto, the National Director of Habitat for Humanity Indonesia, expressed how the Habitat Charity Golf tournament is one of the most anticipated events to support Habitat’s mission in Indonesia. He stated, ‘’Since its initiation in 2010, the first-ever Habitat Charity Golf event, we have witnessed the unwavering enthusiasm from golfers who find joy in this fun activity while serving a noble purpose. Our goal is to share kindness by providing decent housing for low-income families.’’

Fofo Sariaatmadja, a renowned Indonesian entrepreneur, enthusiastically participated in the tournament as a player. He shared his previous experiences, saying, ‘I have participated in the Habitat Charity Golf Tournament several times before. It is a highly positive and enjoyable activity, particularly when it serves the purpose of helping others.’ To further support the cause, he invited two of his overseas colleagues to join the tournament.

The Habitat Charity Golf Tournament 2023 has successfully raised a total donation exceeding 1 billion rupiah. The accumulated funds will be allocated to build 20 new houses and renovated 2 houses in four clusters managed by Habitat Indonesia: Sentul-Bogor, Kulon Progo-Yogyakarta, Wringinanom-Gresik, and Mauk-Tangerang, including Cianjur and Karawang.

Jimmy Masrin, a prominent member of the IDC and a well-known figure in the world of golf, expressed his delight in participating in the Habitat Charity Golf 2023. He shared, “I have been supporting Habitat for 20 years. Our partnership is filled with warmth and feels like a family. I hope that everything we do can make a difference and assist families in need.”

Teddy Jubilant emerged as the winner of the Best Gross Overall, receiving a medal and a variety of gifts. The tournament concluded with a communal dining experience with the golfers and an auction of several memorabilia. Two golf caps signed by Phil Mickelson and Bryson DeChambeau were successfully sold that night. Furthermore, a MODENA sponsored refrigerator, which was a masterpiece created by a disabled artist; Anfield Wibowo, was also managed to be auctioned by Mr. Suharsono. Thus, he became the highest bidder of the night. He expressed his happiness, saying, “I’m delighted to have been a part of this event. The outcome is fantastic. I am one of the tournament’s winners, and I hope that many people in Indonesia will receive assistance in obtaining decent housing. I had the opportunity to participate in a Habitat event in Sentul several years ago to build one house. I hope that Habitat will continue its mission to help more families in Indonesia.”

We hope that the Habitat Charity Golf Tournament will be held continuously to help providing decent housing for the families in need.