Foreword by the National Director

<strong>Foreword by the National Director</strong>

Habitat for Humanity Indonesia


Starting this September, I had the opportunity to visit Manila to take part in the Quarterly Portfolio Review and APO’s Staff Team Building Retreat. We should be grateful because, based on the 2022 fiscal year report, Indonesia was the third highest country in the housing development and repair program. This achievement was undoubtedly not easy to obtain, especially in a pandemic. However, the meetings and discussions with Habitat representatives from various countries in Asia have provided many inputs, where Habitat Indonesia can learn from the achievement strategies and programs of other countries in the Asia Pacific. Hopefully, Habitat can continue the spirit of achievement in the 2023 fiscal year and can help more families.

On September 20, 2022, I also felt another joy because Habitat Indonesia was finally able to hold the Donor Appreciation Night 2022 activity, a routine activity every two or three years to appreciate each donor and Habitat partner. I was happy to meet and stay in touch with company leaders, media, and public figures who have supported Habitat and witnessed them receiving awards for their participation.

Habitat Indonesia’s award may be insignificant if judged on the material. Still, Habitat believes that expressions of gratitude can strengthen love with each party which enhances the continuity of sustainable cooperation.

We hope that donors and partners working with Habitat so far remain faithful in creating other forms of collaboration in the future. Donors who have not collaborated may be encouraged to collaborate through various programs at Habitat. Together with all parties, let’s #TogetherBuild Indonesia into a decent home for everyone.