Field Trip Day with Filantropi

Field Trip Day with Filantropi

On Monday, June 26th, 2023, Habitat for Humanity Indonesia organized a field trip event in the Mauk area of Tangerang, inviting colleagues from various Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in Indonesia. The purpose of the event was to provide an opportunity for the NGOs to observe the progress of Habitat Indonesia’s project in Mauk and to assess the needs of the local community.

The event commenced with a briefing session led by Mr. Susanto Samsudin, the national director of Habitat for Humanity Indonesia, along with representatives from the Mauk Sub-district, local village representatives, and the public health center. Following the briefing, participants then proceeded to visit two villages in Mauk that were under the care of Habitat for Humanity Indonesia: Marga Mulya Village and Tanjung Anom Village. During the visits, participants had the opportunity to witness the positive impacts that Habitat Indonesia had brought to the lives of families in these villages.

During the field trip, participants had the opportunity to assess the needs of the visited areas. This evaluation aimed to identify potential areas for collaborative intervention and partnership among the organizations represented by the trip’s members. The hope was that these observations would generate prospects for cooperation, fostering aligned causes and joint efforts to improve the lives of the local community. By working together, the organizations could leverage their expertise, resources, and networks to create a more comprehensive and impactful response to the community’s needs.

Following the visitation, a discussion and reflection session took place between the participants and representatives of Habitat for Humanity Indonesia. During this session, each participant had the opportunity to share their perspectives and raise questions regarding the trip. It was observed that many participants agreed on the need for further intervention in various areas, including the environment, economy, children, and education. They recognized the potential for collaborative efforts between Habitat Indonesia and their respective organizations to address these challenges and make a positive impact in the community.

The representatives from Habitat for Humanity Indonesia highlighted the importance of participatory and adaptive strategic planning in addressing the arrangement of village areas, particularly in response to the climate crisis. Habitat aims to address the issues surrounding informal settlements and work towards sustainable and resilient solutions.

The event concluded with the presentation of plans and commitments for ongoing efforts based on the trip’s findings. The aim is to foster synergistic and continuous partnerships between governments, NGOs, private organizations, and civilians to enhance the quality and availability of decent housing and basic facilities, such as clean water and sanitation, for low-income families—Especially in Mauk, Tangerang. By working collaboratively, it is hoped that significant improvements can be made to meet the housing needs of vulnerable communities and enhance their overall well-being.