Empowering Indonesia with Habitat

Empowering Indonesia with Habitat

The Pandemic has underlined the importance of a home because it is the main protection to minimise exposure to the COVID-19 virus. However, living in a decent home is still merely a wish that is tough to achieve for over 2 million families in Indonesia.

Senen (60 years old) and his family, residents of Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta, were forced to live in a hut in a field for 2 years after he sold his house due to his debts. In the hut, they had to survive in the absence of electricity. The difficulty of accessing clean water gave Senen and his family no other choice than to utilize rainwater to meet their daily needs. An accident that resulted in Senen suffering from a leg injury and his old age left him unable to work as much as he did before. With his conditions, he was only able to work as a farmer, with an income that made it incredibly unlikely for him to finance the construction of a decent home. Through the help of Habitat Indonesia, along with the help of volunteers from Habitat Japan, Senen and his family now live in a comfortable home and are able to protect themselves from exposure to the COVID-19 virus. They are also able to enjoy their retirement days in a decent and healthy home.

During the 25 years that Habitat Indonesia has been established in Indonesia, it has helped as many as 180,284 families to obtain a decent place to live. Due to the many needs that have yet to be met, Habitat for Humanity Indonesia welcomes you to participate in building decent housing for 50,000 families. By donating starting from Rp. 50,000, -, you will have helped to contribute to resolving the problem of providing decent housing and achieving a prosperous Indonesia.

Let’s continue to support Habitat Indonesia so that we can build more decent houses for low-income families through our cooperation program with Akuberbagi.com a digital platform that allows those who register to have heritage benefits, and the value of the benefits formed will be channeled to Habitat Indonesia. For program information and registration, please click


You can also distribute help directly to those in need without having to come face-to-face by visiting the website:https://dukunghabitat.org/

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