Disability is Not an Inability.

<strong>Disability is Not an Inability.</strong>

To have a physical disability was not a choice that Mr. Harman would like to make. He uses a wheelchair for daily activities. Despite the circumstance, his physical disability is not a barrier to his creative pursuit. He carried out several ventures previously, including selling prepaid credits for handphone and making household crafts. He ought to support his daily needs through them.

However, his concern came from a fundamental necessity; he had to survive in an unsafe and uncomfortable house.

Due to the poor housing condition, Mr. Harman, a resident of Karampuang 1 village, Mamuju, South Sulawesi, told us that it was difficult for him to use the toilet. “It’s hard to use the toilet. The floor was made of wood, and it’s a squat toilet, so I could only use it from the wheelchair.”

The home that was supposed to be his safe shelter caused a vital concern in Mr. Harman’s life.

Furthermore, his condition worsened in 2019 due to the earthquake that shook Sulawesi’s land. Mamuju Regency, where Mr. Harman lives, was heavily affected by the quake. His house was one of the victims of the incident.

Mr. Harman felt helpless as he couldn’t leave and flee farther from his place despite the crumbling roof and walls. He was forced to stay in his damaged house even though he feared the aftershocks would follow the quake.

But everything is beautiful in its time; Habitat Indonesia arrived at Mamuju to provide several earthquake survivors with proper housing assistance. Mr. Harman was one of the selected residents to receive the aid. The house built for him was an earthquake-resistant house with disabled-friendly toilets.

Gratitude was visibly conveyed through his expression as he said, “After Habitat came and renovated my house, alhamdulillah, I feel peaceful, comfortable, and I can sleep well since Habitat gave my house’s foundation earthquake protection.”

The difficulty in using the toilet that he used to experience has become easier because of a wheelchair ramp that helps him to move from the wheelchair to the seated toilet built by Habitat. Now, Mr. Harman feels at peace in his home.

“Thank you, Habitat and donors, for building an earthquake-resistant house for me. I am very happy. May God reward you all for your kindness.” Said Mr. Harman. Now, he can focus on continuing his business as a woven carpet craftsman, which he has been doing for the past few years.