Continue the Good You Have Started

Continue the Good You Have Started

Do you ever feel annoyed when your good intentions are not appreciated by others? Or have you ever felt sad when the kindness you have done is not appreciated at all? Yes, that’s what life is like, sometimes it doesn’t go as expected. There is a reality that must be accepted even though it is bitter.

Keep doing good because you are a good person. There is no need to wait for the same kindness in return or expect great praise and rewards. Do good deeds because you really want to spread goodness to others. Not to get the same reward or praise. Doing good is a life behavior that can bring peace and comfort to life. There is no need to worry or worry about other people’s judgment because not everyone needs to understand your situation.

We do good and we are happy. This can be used as a kind of mantra for ourselves to continue doing good that can bring happiness and inner satisfaction. There is no need to worry about other people’s judgment, just do the things that we can do the best, then let the universe work in its own way to bring more grace around us.

Keep doing good wherever you are. Maybe we are not really good people yet, but at least doing something good can make life more meaningful.

Let’s not stop doing good by supporting Habitat for Humanity Indonesia so that it can help many low-income families in Indonesia to have decent houses to live in. Through the collaboration program between Habitat Indonesia and, a digital platform for sharing goodness that allows us to have the benefits of inheritance and the value of the benefits that are formed to be distributed to Habitat Indonesia. Program information and registration please click: .

You can also do good directly to those in need without having to come and face to face by visiting the website: