Closing of the 2021 NTT Disaster Response Program

Closing of the 2021 NTT Disaster Response Program

April 2021, a tropical cyclone storm hit East Nusa Tenggara. Habitat Indonesia immediately took emergency response measures by going down to NTT, Adonara, and Lembata by distributing housing construction tools or materials to 121 families. In addition to Adonara and Lembata, Habitat did the assement in Kupang to think about what program to do next.

In July 2021, Habitat got donors willing to work together for the NTT disaster response program. Working closely with the Human Initiative, Habitat began rebuilding Lembata and Wahana Visi Indonesia to rebuild Kupang.

During the one-year program, Habitat with the Human Initiative finally managed to provide 73 temporary shelters, 27 rainwater reservoirs, and 15 toilets in Lembata. While working with Wahana Visi Indonesia, Habitat managed to build 85 new homes, repair 25 houses, and build 1 revitalization of clean water in Kupang, namely Naibonad and Oesao Villages.

In addition to building houses and toilets, Habitat also provides construction training to local communities both technically and non-technically to create communities, especially the strong builders and understanding of construction tongues to develop sturdy and resilient buildings. More than 176 families can enjoy the training. In addition to construction training, waste management training is also provided to more than 100 families to create families who care about environmental hygiene and health.

Ending the disaster response program at NTT in June 2022, Wahana Visi Indonesia surveyed the community to find out how important the program was given to them. The survey results highlighted some essential things until a workshop was born in July 2022. Habitat with WVI finally held a workshop which discussed several matters regarding good construction practices, planning management, and other related issues. The workshop was attended by local governments, communities, and other elements of society. In the seminar, Habitat and WVI hope that understanding is shared as a provision in future planning programs, especially for regional leaders, so they can move and implement it well in the community. The culmination of the closure of the disaster response program will be carried out in October 2022 after Habitat has completed the construction of 36 houses and the division of light-up tools into the NTT community. 

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