A Ramadan Miracle for Lukman’s Family

A Ramadan Miracle for Lukman’s Family

Living in a village far from the city, Lukman (41) and his family are experiencing this year’s Ramadan with a different atmosphere. As a farm laborer, Lukman works with an income that does not exceed Rp60,000 per day. Meanwhile, his wife, Yanti (39), is a housewife who takes care of their three children. Two of them are still in elementary school, and one is still a toddler.

Their lives have become increasingly difficult due to the poor condition of their kitchen and toilet. The walls are made of bamboo panels, without flooring, and the roof is made of old wooden frames. Their kitchen is not only a place for cooking but also an unsafe space with frequent visits from rats and snakes, as well as leaks during rainfall.

Fortunately, the blessings of Ramadan came to Lukman and his family through a renovation program by Habitat for Humanity Indonesia. Just one day before Ramadan, their kitchen and toilet had been successfully renovated.

Alhamdulillah,” said Lukman with a voice full of gratitude, “This Ramadan is very special for us. Now, we have a brand new kitchen and toilet, and we can comfortably have our pre-dawn meal (sahur) in the kitchen.” Lukman added.

Thanks to the renovation, not only Lukman and Yanti feel relieved, but also their children. The new kitchen has become a safer and more comfortable place for them to spend time together, play, and learn.

With a better home condition, Lukman’s burden of life has slightly decreased. He can now focus more on providing for his children’s education.

Haturnuhun (thank you) to the donors and Habitat for helping my family,” Lukman said. “This Ramadan has truly brought blessings to me and my family. May Allah bless everyone who has helped improve my life with this kindness,” Lukman added.

Lukman and his family have experienced the miracle of assistance from fellow humans. You too can play a role in helping millions of other families achieve strength and independence in this holy month and in the future. Donate your best charity here: www.habitatindonesia.org/donate