A Healthier, More Resilient Future for Our Children

A Healthier, More Resilient Future for Our Children

In order to provide information and assess the development of children, it is essential to have Health Integrated Centers within the community. Furthermore, it is mandatory for parents to bring their children to these centers regardless of their location. Ideally, each village should have at least two well-qualified, standardized Health Integrated Centers.

Tegalega village, located in the Ciampel sub-district of Karawang regency, had only one Health Integrated Center. Not only was it insufficient, but there were also concerns about the physical condition and quality of the center. Despite its long existence, the center’s floor was made of dirt, raising the risk of imminent collapse. To mitigate the risk of potential disasters caused by its poor condition, an agreement was reached between the local government and the residents. As a result, the health center was demolished, and all activities were relocated to the house of Suyadi, a resident who generously offered assistance voluntarily.

Since the announcement of the reconstruction of the Health Integrated Center by Habitat Indonesia with the support of Amazon Web Services (AWS), the residents have responded with great enthusiasm. As construction began, the residents continued to provide assistance day and night, whether it was during land clearing or roof construction.

With the opening of the new Health Centre, the assistance provided to mothers and children in the village has significantly improved. Mothers can now easily monitor their children’s weight. In contrast to the previous Health Centre’s condition, where only about 50% of the babies in Tegalega village were brought in for health check-ups, the construction of the new Health Centre has resulted in nearly 100% of the babies being brought in by their mothers for check-ups. The elderly also visit the Health Centre more frequently now that it has been renovated. Suwarti Priyanti, the cadre leader, remarked, “At the end of the day, the Health Centre is not only a place for health assistance but also serves as a gathering place for the Water Committee during their occasional meetings.”

Hopefully, the new, decent health centers in Gunung Putri Village could support the development of healthy children for a better future. With these improvements, the residents of Tegalega Village can become a stronger and more resilient community, fostering a healthier life for future generations.

Written by:

Edwin Manahan – Community Organizer of Habitat for Humanity Indonesia (Karawang Project)