28UILD 2023

28UILD 2023

In celebration of National Youth Pledge Day on October 28th, Habitat for Humanity Indonesia organized its annual event, 28UILD (to build). This event encourages the younger generation to construct and paint decent houses for low-income society.

28UILD 2023 took place simultaneously in four cities: Tangerang, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, and Batam. Approximately 460 volunteers, including students, employees, and public figures, joined hands with Habitat to construct houses, establish clean water facilities, and paint schools.

In Babulak Sub-Village, Marga Mulya Village, Mauk Sub-District, Tangerang Regency, Banten, Habitat successfully constructed 9 new houses, established a new clean water facility, and beautified 50 houses with the help of 300 volunteers. In the other three cities, Habitat built 1 new house, painted 15 houses and improved 4 kindergartens.

“As we celebrate the tenth year of 28UILD, we aim to inspire more of Indonesia’s youth to cultivate love for their nation. Recognizing the significance of The National Youth Pledge Day in revitalizing Indonesia, we unite the youth to make a positive impact by constructing decent houses,” shared Susanto, the National Director of Habitat for Humanity Indonesia.

Holid Mawardi, the Head of the Mauk Subdistrict in Tangerang Regency, expressed gratitude for the assistance received by his constituents. “For over a decade, Habitat has played a crucial role in enhancing the lives of Mauk residents. Initially, there were few decent houses, but thanks to Habitat’s support, alhamdulillah, now we have well-built homes,” he remarked.  

At 28UILD 2023 in Babulak Sub-Village, we were honored to have the presence of influential public figures known for their impact on the younger generation, including Barry Likumahuwa, Joanna Alexandra, Josh Kunze, Matthew Gilbert, Nadia Tjoa, Olivia Tan, Vanessa Hatter, and Valerie Avril.

“I’m thrilled to have participated in 28UILD. What a unique experience! I had the opportunity to engage in construction activities—sawing, cementing, and arranging bricks. It was truly an extraordinary experience for me! If given the chance, I would have stayed longer. Unfortunately, time is up,” expressed Joanna Alexandra.

Despite the scorching heat, Joanna installed every brick enthusiastically. Her participation in 28UILD became a profound life lesson. “I learned a lot. I was deeply moved when I first arrived here—realizing that not everyone has the privilege of living in a decent house like mine in the city. It’s a lesson that those of us blessed with many privileges should extend a helping hand to those in need.”

Since its initiation in 2012, 28UILD has invited more than 5,000 youth volunteers across Indonesia with various public figures, such as Daniel Mananta, Olivia Jensen, Wulandary Herman, Kelly Tandiono, Indra Bekti, Gilang Bhaskara, Prilly Latuconsina, Cameo Project, Okky Alparessi, and Han Chandra. They join our movement to build homes and to build lives.

Habitat remains committed to realizing residents’ dreams of living independent, secure, and sustainable lives, particularly for low-income families. Leading up to 28UILD 2023, Habitat has served hundreds of families, impacting the lives of 195,000 families over 26 years in Indonesia.