Every year , as of the date of April 7 celebrated the world health day at once to mark the establishment of the world health organization has announced .The purpose of the convention of this warning namely as an opportunity to attract the attention of the world in order to realize big problems on the health of the global .The focus of the world health organization of this year dedicate that all levels of society the world get access to health care services that they need , without have to worry about the cost of their treatment .

According to the WHO , it is estimated that half of the world population have no access to medical  services .There are 100 million people are forced to poor due to pay off medical bills or medical treatment ( tribunnews.com , 2018 ) .This year who targeted more than 1 billion people worldwide get access to health care they need by the year 2023 .

We at Habitat for Humanity know that poor housing conditions increase the risk of health problems for families. As our CEO Jonathan Reckford said, “ We’ve seen over and over the inextricable links between housing, health, education and livelihoods.” In this January 2018 speech at the Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability, he speaks about the link of housing and health, and particularly how decent housing “eliminates the health threats to children and parents alike.”

On World Health Day, let us raise awareness about the positive impact that a decent home has on the health and well-being of families.