Sungkono is an active and energic person. He lives in village Ngasem, Kedung Bocok Sidoarjo. He is friendly and often help his neighbors to repair their electronic equipment’s, even he often repairs lights in his village from his own pocket. He works as odd jobs to sustain his family needs. With his limited daily income as odd job labor, they raise a son name Dimas, where he just finished his SMK School and now works as sales gas stove. Siti Munawati called Watik is always accompany her husband to support him by selling Cireng, sausage and cold drinks in front of their house. A day she can earn around 10,000 rupiah.

Since 4 years ago, pak Sungkono has been trusted from community to be the leader of RT 12 RW 6 Dusun Ngasem, Desa Kedung Bocok, Sidoarjo. Being as the leader of the village increase his enthusiasm to serve more for Ngasem community. In a year, he receives a salary from the village for 1,400,000 rupiah and be paid in several term. But it doesn’t matter for him. His satisfaction helping community is more important. “fortune has been arranged……..” that’s my life philosophy, says Sungkono with smile.

Because of his financial just enough for daily needs, he hasn’t own bathroom and toilet. For defecate, they still depend on their neighbor and river. Due to Watsan program from APP with HFH Indonesia, Sungkono family has their own bathroom and toilet. Now they can live healthier and the most important is when is raining they no need to be panic for defecate.