Form of cooperation


Schools that work together can do an internship at Habitat of Humanity

Live In

The school children stayed in the homes of residents of the Habitat for Humanity building for several days for the implementation of projects

School Project

The school carries out projects for the community

Design Partnership

The school helps design home construction

Laboratory School

Schools identify a target area in a village

Partnership with Wardaya College

Besides construction activities, volunteers also support Habitat for Humanity Indonesia through programs that volunteers design and carry out online. More than 130 young volunteers from Wardaya College participated in the Medical Warriors’ Shelter, Seroja Tropical Cyclone Disaster Response program in East Nusa Tenggara, and the Mount Semeru lava avalanche disaster program in Lumajang Regency, East Java. The program’s volunteers designed and implemented collected more than IDR 100,000,000.-.

Testimonial from Wardaya College Volunteer Program

By joining Habitat Voluntary Program, I made a bunch of friends with people all over Indonesia and gained precious experience. Even though it was rather difficult for us to interact with each other due to the pandemic, I felt extremely grateful for the solidarity my team members had.

We all shared our ideas on how to earn the money to donate. At last, we finaled our decision to sell our homemade cookies. By doing so, I picked up various new skills such as baking, products marketing, and etc. As a leader, I also learned how to control and give direction to my fellow members.

WDespite some conflicts our team had, thankfully we always managed to overcome them because all of us were responsible for the mistakes we made. I admit that it felt hard and exhausting sometimes because we were still Seeing many people could be helped with our very own efforts made me feel tremendously delighted and satisfied. I’m definitely looking forward to joining this kind of program again.

Nikita Nathania Rudy

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