As one of the exit strategies in implementing the program, HFH Indonesia will seek economic empowerment interventions as part of expanding community opportunities to increase income and access decent work. Therefore, since 2017 HFH Indonesia Surabaya Branch has organized a women’s group in Wringinamom Village to form a joint entrepreneurial group and produce snacks that can be marketed to the community. This micro-economic business turned out to be quite positive for the women and their families. In addition to increasing income to meet family needs, HFH Indonesia assisted women in having the ability to organize themselves, conduct business planning dialogues and build entrepreneurial institutions that are responsive to the needs of women entrepreneurs. Why does HFH Indonesia have a women’s group as a strategic partner in economic empowerment? This is based on thinking and believing that gender equality is a key success factor in efforts to accelerate poverty reduction in the world. Like other Asian countries, women are often placed in subordinate positions and are disregarded in social and cultural construction. This condition of inequality has had an impact on women’s limited access to entrepreneurial opportunities and employment in the very promising public sphere. For this reason, a strategy to strengthen women’s capacity to access economic development opportunities is a deliberate intervention that has a long-term impact. In addition, inclusiveness towards the role of women is part of Indonesia’s HFH strategy to develop an inclusive program. Economic Empowerment Program:
  1. Enhancing women’s entrepreneurial capacity to build businesses and access markets;
  2. Vocational entrepreneurship training about required businesses
  3. Training in Family Financial Management and Microeconomic Organizations
  4. Partnership Training with Private Sector or CSV (Corporate Shared Values).

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