Form of Cooperation

Corporate Philanthropy

The company made a donation to Habitat for Humanity for the development process through the company's CSR funds

Employee Volunteering

The company provides volunteers to Habitat for Humanity to help the development process

Crowd Funding

The company raises funds from the public to be given to Habitat for Humanity for development

The Story of the HDEC Partnership

The condition of the majority of residents in Sasak Village is not feasible. Residents’ homes are only made of baseboards and leaky roofs. When it rains, the house always floods. Sanitation conditions in Sasak Village are also poor, and access to clean water is difficult to obtain. The condition causes various sources of diseases that attack children in the form of coughing, itching, ulcers, and measles. When they need to use a toilet/bathroom, residents must go to a river located deep in the garden. There is only one public toilet for all residents. Water is obtained only from a well that is not very clean. Every time, residents have to endure the heat and dirt. Besides that, you have to guard yourself from danger because of the many snakes that often pass in the public toilet area. This situation encouraged Habitat for Humanity Indonesia to help build houses and toilets for Sasak villagers. Together with Hyundai who made their donations through Habitat for Humanity, Habitat finally built houses for residents in Sasak Village. In addition to houses, Habitat also built toilets so that residents could get clean water easily and not far away. Achmad Hasani was touched by the assistance given for the construction of his house. “It feels good to be built, it was a wish to develop it myself but that was too difficult. I can’t believe I can get a free building (while wiping away tears) “. Besides the house, Habitat for Humanity also established educational facilities in the form of PAUD for children. Previously, if it rained, the class always experienced flooding so the children were not comfortable studying. After the school was built, the children had a place of learning and discipline “We say thank you very much” said Fatirah, a PAUD teacher at Sasak Village. This PAUD can later become a place to prepare generations who are aware of clean, social, cultural and economic life.

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