Little Alif (3), keeps running around the house, but due to the small size of the house, he is limited in moving freely about. This at times frustrates Alif, who cried, whinged and screamed and even tried jumpimg instead in the confined space. Alif the son of Bahtarim (52) and Musrifah (44) is a special needs child (down syndrome), who is hyperactive, has difficulties staying still and commnuicating with people.

Bahtarim’s house is very small, stuffy and musty, walls made of plywood and iron sheeting, but worse of all it has infestations of bugs and animals inside, such as rats, cockroaches and mosquitos, making it more unhealthy and uncomfortable for Alif each day. Bahtarim confessed that he can not afford to build a nice or larger home for his family. “Sometimes I do have touble finding money to fill our primary needs and don’t have a budget to build a better house. Even though Alif’s older brother, Rizky (22) is also working, it’s not sufficent to change our circumstances, so we have no choice, but to live in this house”, said Bahtarim.

Thankfully since HFH Indonesia built Bahtarim’s new house, Alif’s condition has improved and they now live in a safer and healthier home. “When we first entered the new house, Alif was confussed and he quietly just stared at the walls, but after a few minutes he began to scream and laugh and started running from one side of the living room to the aother and my husband and I just cried”, said Musrifah. Alif can now do his activities freely in our home because our house is bigger, cleaner and more comfortable than before and I still can’t believe this, being the greatest gift from God to Alif. We thank you Habitat Indonesia for giving us a new home. Alif is happier and healthier than ever before, as when we were living in our old house, I used to have to bring Alif to the doctor once a week, but now I no longer need to take him to the doctor”, added Bahtarim.