A routine event every two years that welcomes practitioners and practitioners in the housing sector to meet and discuss solutions and promote modest homes as a driver of economic growth.  
influential business leaders, policy makers, academics, urban planners, architects, property developers, and others.  
  • Invite the participants to discuss how to collaborate in realizing livable housing in Indonesia that is affordable to low-income people (MBR). Innovations such as the use of appropriate technology, financing schemes, community empowerment, policy innovation, and partnership networks are needed urgently when facing housing challenges in Indonesia.  
  • The poster exhibition aims to provide an understanding to the wider community that the problem of affordable housing is an issue that needs to get the attention of all parties and of course with the participation of more people will undoubtedly be more fruitful. The poster exhibition also seeks to raise various innovations that can support the successful implementation of affordable housing that is sustainable.  
  • Site visit activities are expected to be a starting point for collaboration between parties involved in the 2019 Indonesia Housing Forum. This collaborative activity is ultimately expected to not only produce ideas but also more concrete results at certain locations.  
  • The series of activities of the Indonesia Housing Forum 2019 are also expected to contribute to increasing public awareness of the importance of providing livable housing for Low-Income Communities as a door to improving community welfare, as part of activities to welcome the 2019 National Housing Day 

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