Build a house, build a life

The house is not just a physical building that can protect families from the sun, rain or exposure to nature and shelter, but also encompasses the atmosphere of life interacting within the house itself, namely the "family" in terms of social, cultural and economic aspects. This is so that the house becomes a place to live with the family; an environment that offers safety, comfort and happiness.

Home is a family foundation where a life takes place in a building that gives people happiness and peace in it, a place that provides physical and spiritual security and comfort, a place to play and learn for children from an early age to achieve goals and a bright future, and improve the family's standard of living for the better.

Houses as the core of Habitat for Humanity services ultimately have a broad impact, namely:

  • Social Value: in addition to an increase in the value of buildings, through the construction of livable homes it also increases the dignity of the family in the community.
  • Health: through livable homes, it provides understanding to the family what the meaning is of healthy living, so that the home and clean environment reduces vulnerability to diseases that can adversely affect health.
  • Valuable Assets: the house becomes valuable personal property.
  • Prosperous Communities: the existence of a habitable home changes in lifestyle, so that it creates impacts on a healthier, cleaner and more comfortable environment.
  • Education: through livable homes children have a safer and more comfortable place to learn "my home is my place of study".
  • Security: a decent home provides more safety and security for families than their previous house.

It’s Time to Restore Kindness

“I will not feel tired if I run everything with sincerity,” is believed by Dwi Ratna Sari (21 years). This is what has always been the principle for PGMI STAI Al Azzar students who are running their activities and their choices lately.

Dwi is a child of Senen (73 years old) and Sutra (61 years old) whose house was built by Habitat Indonesia in Yogyakarta. After her parents finished renovating their house, Dwi opened their house to be a place of learning for the children of the neighbors around her. He teaches children free of charge, helping children carry out their academic obligations throughout the week.

The free study session held this afternoon is one of Dwi’s busy activities. Every morning, he also becomes a substitute teacher at the Madrasah Iptidaiyah Miftahul Ullum Dawar Blandong, Mojokerto. Every Friday to Sunday he attends classes at his university. “Sometimes I feel tired: morning at MI and afternoon at campus, afternoon teaching children. But I overcome my fatigue with enthusiasm and enjoy the call as a teacher and also to educate myself, “he explained.

For Dwi, there is no time to sit still and think about life. Every second is beneficial for doing something for others, their families, and themselves. “Our family has received a lot of kindness, including this house, it’s time to return the kindness to others sincerely,” Dwi said.

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